Plugin Usage

The following are sites I’ve identified as using the killboard widget. Just thought I’d link back to them!

Eve Press – Working
Unour Heavy Industries – Working
Morior Invictus – Working
One Percent – Some issues with Verb DB?
EVE Pirate – could do with larger images.
NirMeleth Daytrading – Working
Quafe – Working
Ninja, Shintoo Style. – Working
Red Galaxy – Working
The Bastards – Beautifully done and working
Ene Alliance – Working
nWire Cosma – Working, after they helped to fix a bug!
Pure Rage – These guys pointed out the EDKv4 problems and quickly tested my fix for me.
Angelus Mortis – Spotted via a referral to this site.
Eve Board – Spotted via a referral to this site. – Reported an awesome bug where he was displaying planets being destroyed!

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