Eve Killboard Plugin

killboardYou may have spotted the details about our latest kills on the front page of this blog. Screen shot of it to the right!

This is a little WordPress Plugin knocked together by Zaine. It connects to either a EVE Development Network Killboard or parse a feed from eve-kill.net and pull out the last x kills and displays them in a widget.  It also selects a random verb for how your opponent met their sticky end. You can customise what verbs you want to display from the admin panel.

You can customise the title of the widget and the number of kills to display. There is also an admin page where you put in the database details of where your killboard sits. The plugin also includes a stylesheet which allows you to style it to suit your blog.

Download the plugin from: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/eve-killboard/

EVE Online Forum thread
EVE Development Network forum thread

Feel free to add feature requests and file bugs here.

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