About Innsmouth Enterprises

Well, we ‘ve got to pay the bills somehow.   I mean, keeping the office open, the plants watered, paying the really cute secretary with the short skirt for taking calls and making coffee… It all takes ISK.  You know, we could go out and mine, or run some missions, but thats just… so boring.  And when you guys are doing all the hard work for us, and leaving it out in unlocked boxes for us to liberate so easily, can you blame us?

Ah well, I’m not entirely sure how many times we’ve advised people to buy secure cans. Perhaps they should look on the ransons differently, not as ransoms, but consultancy fees.  A little bit of advice to make your life out in the big bad cosmos that little bit safer.  

Innsmouth Enterprises Consultancy.  I like the sound of that.   Not too fishy at all.

Innsmouth Enterprises

Flipping your cans since 2009. Don't blame us, learn from your mistakes. Just not too quickly...