Time to fly

It’s been a while since I hopped in a ship and flew. I feel RUSTY.

So, I decided to hop in a ship, and lose it. Nothing like getting the old blood flowing like a bit of 1v1 action. So, I flew out from Old Man Star (where I lost a Stabber in an ill advised 1v1 vs a Jaguar after the Assault Frigate buff. Ill advised because I’d never flown a Stabber before and didn’t have a fucking clue) out to Dodixie and fitted something

So, I decided on a Jaguar, and pulled a fit which looked interesting from Battleclinic. I didn’t have the cash, skills or tbh the sheer balls-to-the-wall attitude for the faction fit, so scaled down as necessary. (Hell, I can’t fit T2 armour hardeners!) Ship fit up, I threw some Faction ammo and cap boosters in and headed back out to Old Man Star.

On route to my destination, I turned on fraps and was instantly throttled back to a crippling 13fps. ‘This is not good’ I thought to myself, resignedly turning it off. I’m sure this laptop used to be able to handle EVE and fraps? I guess my explosion will remain unseen.

I jumped into Old Man Star and hit the scanner. Loki… Loki… Loki… Tengu… Badger…? whut? Is this T3-ville? The Badger was at POS and although my intention was to get blown up, being minced by a pack of T3s didn’t sound like a fun experience, so I moved on.

I passed through 4 or 5 systems, chasing the odd ghost on the scanner, sitting in belts to attract a fight but it wasn’t happening. Hmm. Quiet tonight? I saw the odd fleet moving through, some pretty big, but they weren’t hanging around to try and tempt someone off.

Eventually I ended up in Kedama which had a couple of bodies in and started moving around. Then they all jumped out, except for a Rook. After a brief moment of madness where I actually considered engaging it (I was talked out it, did I really want to lose my ship in a few minutes of frustrating perma-jam?). Instead I warped to the next system and as I jumped saw two Cormorants appear on the scanner. Now, this sounded like much more of a fun fight!

Burning back to the gate and jumping back into Kedama, I quickly narrowed them to militia plex and warped in, swapping to Caldari Navy EMP and Mjolnir Rockets on route and then… noo! The rook turns up on my scanner as I land. He’s there on the gate with me 2k away as I decelerate out of warp so I quickly choose a gate and warp out. Damn! Leave my Cormorants alone!

Again, always checking the scanner, the Rook and both the Cormorants disappeared to be replaced with a.. Dram! I’ve no idea where the other ships disappeared to, but I’m definitely getting a fight here! Dramiel’s almost always some action! Quickly tweaking the scanner again, I narrow him down back to the plex I was just at and hit warp.

The gate dumped me 65km off him, so I hit approach and turn the the mwd drive on. Next, I attempt to overheat my guns to be met by a pop up letting me know that I don’t have Thermodynamics I. Whut? Oh Crap!. Oh well!

The Dram spots me and starts burning at me, and I remember to turn off my mwd as the distance drops to 25km. I always forget this, but not this time and bang I shoot past him, but I’ve slowed to not blast out of range, so can loop back, get close and bang, we are engaged!

We start trading our first hits and my shields are dropping fast. I hit armour once he’s a quarter of the way into his shields and I whack the repper on. The repper is doing a good job keeping me topped up and a couple of well timed clicks in space brings the faster Dram’s orbit to around 500m of me, allowing me to place some big hits on him. Suddenly the Dram is looking worried, dropping into low armour and starts to try and place some distance between us.

No! I can’t even overheat my afterburner to try and keep range has he gets out to 10k and BANG. A lucky hit from my 200mm’s takes him out. Yes!

Killmail: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=13428975

I didn’t lose it!

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