Seems quiet around here?

Things may have seemed a little quiet around here recently. You’d probably be right. Seppooku outright exploded in a rather Spinal Tap-like moment of frustration at his own carelessness, Heraclea has disappeared: presumed run over by a RMT tank, Kal Ahra has decided that his monstrous facial deformities mean he’s actually related to a Murloc so has gone to find his mother, and I expect Azul is just off scamming someone in Jita.

Me? I’ve been locked in the back room by Kal, forced to code for hours and hours on end so we can pay our corporation bills. This week I’ve managed to produce something a little exciting: BEHOLD!

The Eve Events to SMF Importer!

Ok, so perhaps it’s not that exciting, but if you are attempting to keep your Corpies in order in your forums, but feeling frustrated that they never look at the Eve Calendar, this could be your dreams come true. (no, hang on, you don’t get the secretary with it!)

Oh, Raynack? I think he was just hanging around for the really good cookies Azul used to bring back from Jita. We’ve not seen any of those since the riots…

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