The one that didn’t get away…

So, as Zaine has already documented, at tedious length, we’re back, and business has been a bit, well, slow.

This evening has seen us roaming around near Ikao (Waskisen, in my case, ah, the nostalgia), and not finding much.

I’ve failed to flip “the trick” in Ikao already, despite a full jetcan of 27,000m3 in various denominations.  Corp is in an Alliance, and I cant be bothered scoping out member numbers of all the corps, though a local sweep shows no friendlies.  Yeah, I know.  I’m getting back in the saddle, m’k? ;D

Almost ready to give up on Waskisen, too, when 3 belts from the end (in a list of 20!) I spot a retriever/iteron IV pair shuttling ore via a jetcan.

Bookmark, warp on to check the rest of the belts. Nothing. Warp in on bookmark.  One unit pyroxeres in there to maintain the can.  c2000 unit loads going through every cycle.  I’ve already lifted 12,000 tritanium from a nearby wreck belonging to these guys (small 10 man corp, formed in the last month. Gives me an evilgasm ;D). They’re not biting.  Locked onto the retriever, hoping he’s on autotarget-back and has aggresive drones. No luck.

So I get to trying to swipe a load of ore in transit. nothing for 5 mins. Then, as I snag a load (itty pilot must’ve been a fraction distracted), which vanishes just as I confirm the amount to fill my hold.  Suddenly, the itty is a red on my overview.

Lock, scram, web. you know the rest ;D

Structure approaches, and I disarm the blastinators and convo, offering 4 mill to save his ship.  Its a bit rich for an itty 4, in all truth, but I’m delirious with success and prepared to be greedy/talked down to half that.

Oh noes! A language barrier!

Channel Name:    Private Chat
Listener:        Kal Ahra
Session started: 2011.01.25 21:55:19
[ 2011.01.25 21:55:44 ] Evdenia > ?
[ 2011.01.25 21:55:52 ] Kal Ahra > 4 million or I destroy your ship and cargo
[ 2011.01.25 21:56:25 ] Kal Ahra > 30 seconds
[ 2011.01.25 21:57:17 ] Evdenia > пщ
[ 2011.01.25 21:57:25 ] Kal Ahra > well, more like 60 time up
[ 2011.01.25 21:57:57 ] Kal Ahra > very last call
[ 2011.01.25 21:58:04 ] Kal Ahra > 3….
[ 2011.01.25 21:58:10 ] Kal Ahra > 2…..
[ 2011.01.25 21:58:23 ] Kal Ahra > 1….
[ 2011.01.25 21:58:41 ] Kal Ahra > boom!
[ 2011.01.25 21:58:43 ] Evdenia > 1?


I dunno, “4mill” and a countdown seem pretty transparent to me ;D

I was actually feeling a lil bad about my greed until I saw the killmail showing value of loss 14 mill+ due to his rigs.

I shoulda asked for more!

Thanks Evdenia, that was fun!

Also – first one back on the Killboard, you slackers!

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Zaine (Jan 25, 2011)

Ha! Next time try flipping The Trick heh? Pussy!

(good job!)

Kal (Jan 25, 2011)


I thought you fixed those adds…

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