…and sometimes they just get away…

I’ve not been too lucky recently. Spend most of the night prowling around looking for some trouble. Mostly people weren’t just biting, smart enough to use secure cans, have a group to protect each other or live with the ‘fill your hold and haul it’ ethos. I was getting pretty bored, almost ready to call it a night when I found someone in Niyabainen.

Chainbuzz… mining away into a little can in his Bantam.

Can I do it? Can I really flip some 21 day newbie in a Bantam?

I had a quick chat with Kal in Corp chat. Was Niyabainen a newbie system? Can I get away with it? The consensus was that that it wasn’t a newbie system so it was his own fault for can mining… and lets face it, I haven’t had a kill yet and even a noob would feel good. Time to learn why this was a baaad idea.

The flip was simple, I’m not even sure he noticed. Around 50k of veld transferred into my can, bookmarked and off I warped to get some range. Give it a minute or two, watching him in local to see if he start flashing when he’s interfered with my new haul… and nothing!


I’ll go back and have a look, but hang on. There’s no can, just a new one of his…. How did it he do that? So, I flip him again, and this time hang around. He studiously ignores me and then all of a sudden, a badger turns up and takes the ore.

Hang on, did he not notice that this was my can? As soon as he turns red I’ve got him scrammed, webbed and taking fire. Finally, I thought to myself, a sure fire kill.

75% shields and he’s stopped moving.
50% shields he’s beginning to realign.
25% shields he’s almost there
Just into armour and…….. he warps out.

WTF!? How did he… oh, Warp Stabilisers. It’s been too long and I’m rusty. He must have fitted stabs.

Lets hop on over to local and see what’s kicking off:

[ 2011.01.23 23:59:47 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Niyabainen Local Channel
[ 2011.01.24 00:14:57 ] TomHorn > wtf
[ 2011.01.24 00:15:01 ] TomHorn > cease fire dude
[ 2011.01.24 00:15:33 ] TomHorn > you sob

Just about here he warps, leaving me looking confusing and rather frustrated.

[ 2011.01.24 00:15:56 ] Zaine Maltis > Well, at least you had stabs on! 😉
[ 2011.01.24 00:17:17 ] TomHorn > im a cop dude
[ 2011.01.24 00:17:23 ] TomHorn > you cant shoot a cop
[ 2011.01.24 00:18:05 ] Zaine Maltis > Uhoh!

Yer what? And what is a cop doing stealing from my can?

[ 2011.01.24 00:19:27 ] PaulRPG > stop right there criminal scum?
[ 2011.01.24 00:19:32 ] Zaine Maltis > Caught by the fuzz!
[ 2011.01.24 00:19:38 ] LordAdmiral McClaw > lol
[ 2011.01.24 00:20:18 ] TomHorn > -.-

and that was that.

I’ve got a serious case of can flipper blue balls now….

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