War! Huargh! What is it good for?

Well, repeatedly podding Lars Galaxy, it seems.

Having the day off, I can prowl Waskisen for some cans to flip. Theres only Lars from Zephyr on, so I dont anticipate too much trouble there. Maybe a frigate fight or something, or hiding from his new Rupture. I find I’m hoping not, to be honest – Samalash is in system mining and dropping cans named Zephyr Corp again (despite being in the NPC n00b corp still). Azul has come online, and we’re looking for Samalash.

We’re just setting up for a quick flip and scoop, with me on the flip, Azul in the hauler, when who should show up but Lars Galaxy…

Channel Name: Waskisen Local
Session started: 2009.07.06 08:21:14

Samalash > when did the flippers decide waskisen to be their new home

*he’s like a month old, we’ve been here longer than he’s been an alt ;-)*

Samalash > go do your own work lazy asses
Kraven Drakenovic > lol
Lars Galaxy > i didn’t flip u lol
Kraven Drakenovic > who is it so i can set standing for future reference
Lars Galaxy > i dont like can flippers either
Lars Galaxy > just thought your zephyr corp 0911 can name was funny… what was that about?
Lars Galaxy > trying to trick me into taking from it?
Lars Galaxy > hey azul want to come play?
Samalash > if u didnt flip me why did u target me and get 0km on my can
Samalash > Kraven its lars
Lars Galaxy > cause you named your can zephyr corp and i am in zephyr corp
Samalash > o
Samalash > convo me
Kraven Drakenovic > i’ll leave it netural lars
Lars Galaxy > thx

Interesting indeed. I was suspicious of Samalash already. Now I’m almost certain its a Zephyr alt. Maybe even Lars’ πŸ™‚

We do some scanning in system. We find a Slasher named “Zephyr Corp Slasher”. Sweet!

I go to a neighbouring system, to swap out of my Daredevil. I’m not chancing that against a proven PvP pilot like Lars. Even in a Slasher. (Maybe next time, though). Ryooneko has also logged in as this goes on, and I want to make sure Lars isn’t bait for a Harbinger and T2 drone trap. He’s not. When will they learn? Azul is scouring the belts for Samalash and Lars. She finds them as I get back on the Wask gate in my rifter, awating the call, and keeping an eye out for the cavalry Lars must surely ne waiting for.

Azul reports Lars in the same belt as Samalash’s can, and that he warped as soon as her Rifter showed. Naturally, she flipped the can. Lars returns. He stays 30km plus away, even when rats show up and both he and Azul try to claim them. Azul is complaining his ship is too fast for her to catch. I suggest she goes to get her Slasher. Not a popular idea, apparently πŸ˜‰

Using the can as a reference (and a bookmark), I advise Azul to gauge where she needs to warp to and from, and guestimate a warp in distance from the can.

Lars Galaxy > aww where u goin azul?

Azul warps back. Still about 26km away, but Lars is fighting a rat, so she afterburns towards him. Lock and warp disruptor on as soon as 20km is close. The way Azul tells it, he had no choice but to engage at this point. He had only minor shield damage from the rat. I remember Azul whinging about him being too fast to catch – if he wanted too, his speed should have been enough to put him out of disruptor range. But I digress.

Its on. Its a slow fight, from what I’m hearing. Azul is sweating, by the sound of it. Rifter should pwn slasher, but Lars is an older pilot, by best part of a year. I jump through when Azul reports half armour, but I dont run right in to save her yet. Lars wants frigate on frigate, one on one action. Azul is thirsty for kills. And anyway, I remember how she left me hanging yesterday (see A strange day…) πŸ˜‰

Well, she caps out at about 1/3 armour (I think thats what she was saying) and I can no longer ignore a corp mate in need of a hand. By the time I get there, she’s squeeee-ing about the pod and looking for a corpse. So it turned out alright in the end, see πŸ™‚

Azul gets the hauler, claims the loot and the flip. I get the corpse and remind her to set her overview to show “Biomass”. Another meat-popsicle. Sweet.

Whilst Azul is on the haul, I will soon find out, she gets a convo from Lars…

Channel Name: Private Chat (Lars Galaxy)
Session started: 2009.07.06 09:48:12
Lars Galaxy > lol am surprised slasher did that well against rifter
Azul Gothica > you have a lot more SPs than I do
Lars Galaxy > still
Lars Galaxy > if i had an adaptive nano or something on there i might have won πŸ˜‰
Lars Galaxy > gf, pod kill sux tho πŸ˜›
Azul Gothica > we would all have won if we did something different.
Azul Gothica > get the pod, scoop the corpse!
Lars Galaxy > i will have yours eventually
Lars Galaxy > are you some kind of necro? lol
Lars Galaxy > coming back for round 2 if you are interested
Azul Gothica > depends what you bring
Lars Galaxy > rifter
Lars Galaxy > with all tech1 gear
Azul Gothica > you’ve just shown me I’ll lose that fight, so maybe not
Lars Galaxy > lol comon live a little
Lars Galaxy > it’s not all about winning, about having fun πŸ™‚
Azul Gothica > its the dieing I’m not so keen on
Lars Galaxy > if i waited till every chance i knew i would win for sure i would never get into a fight..
Lars Galaxy > y u think i took all yall on in my rupture? haha
Azul Gothica > you wouldn’t lose 26 million worth of rupture, either
Lars Galaxy > uhh yeah all that gear and shit cost about that
Lars Galaxy > was t2 fit

*at this point Azul tells me whats going on, and I get an invite to the channel*

Kal Ahra > chatting up the membership, huh?

Lars Galaxy > talkin to azul

Kal Ahra > thats what she said πŸ™‚

Lars Galaxy > apparently there is no such thing as a fair fight with you guys hehe.

Kal Ahra > Fair?
Kal Ahra > Rate fair
Kal Ahra > you’ve been around just over a year. put you and me in identical ships, is that fair?
Lars Galaxy > i have all tech1 gear on tho
Lars Galaxy > not even named shit
Kal Ahra > so do I
Lars Galaxy > so put somethin better on
Kal Ahra > but then you’ll just gripe about the better gear, as you did the other day with the T2 guns
Kal Ahra > we pick our fights so we are more likelly to win, when we can. thats all. We dont always get it right.
Lars Galaxy > eh? You guys were the one griping lol
Lars Galaxy > that i was using t2 guns and drones
Kal Ahra > really
Lars Galaxy > yes soppo was

*I was confusing remarks made by DarkMasterAnt, yesterday, with what lars said about Frigate vs Cruiser in “First Blood…” the other day.Β  My bad, but point remains valid*

Lars Galaxy > or whatever his name is
Kal Ahra > Oh yeah, right after you grumbled about my drake.
Lars Galaxy > seemed a bit like overkill to me is all
Lars Galaxy > ok how about 2 vs 1 u guys in t1 frigs vs me in my rifter
Kal Ahra > We knew that rupture was serious, after it tore through wo of Azuls ruptures and Heraclea’s rifter the other week.
Kal Ahra > *two
Lars Galaxy > that was a dif rupture then the one i came with yesterday
Lars Galaxy > was tryin a new setup
Kal Ahra > It seemed to work πŸ™‚
Lars Galaxy > not really, couldn’t hit the damn frigs
Lars Galaxy > and didnt start shooting at azul soon enough
Azul Gothica > you boys play nice now. Down Time approches, and I better go sort out lunch – bye bye. Nice fight πŸ™‚
Lars Galaxy > im surprised the 180’s didn’t hit the rifter better
Lars Galaxy > boooo
Lars Galaxy > comeon 2 vs 1
Lars Galaxy > u will have an advantage
Lars Galaxy > and i know how much u guys like those

*Azul logs off at this stage, having secured the loot. I’d rather it was me talking to the Zephyrites, anyway, but before she does, she promises to e-mail me yet another private convo that was going on after I got the invite to this one…This plot is getting pretty thick now!*

Channel Name:Β Β Β  Private Chat (Rhadit)
Session started: 2009.07.06 09:58:45
Rhadit > hey
Rhadit > your corp is in war with Zephyr now?
Azul Gothica > well now, hello stranger
Rhadit > haha
Rhadit > im not in zephyr corp anymore
Rhadit > joined a mining corp instead
Azul Gothica > ohh, thats why we havent seen you πŸ™‚
Rhadit > hehe
Rhadit > btw….why did your corp war dec zephyr?
Azul Gothica > sorry, Kal and Lars are bitching at each other in another channel – i’m laughing my ass off at them πŸ™‚
Rhadit > kk..lol
Azul Gothica > beats me.Β  kal suggested it.Β  THe membership voted in favour.
Rhadit > kk
Rhadit > well
Rhadit > im off now
Rhadit > cya later

Well now, isnt that interesting? Rhadit isa former Zephyrite who was there at the infamous flip that cost Azul her Ruptures and Heraclea’s Rifter.Β  And brought Zephyr to our attention as a potential *client*.

I return you to the close of my convo with Lars.Β  All the while he’s in and out of HQ where I’m docked, trying to put together a rifter or kessie to fling at him.Β  I cant get a good fit, so I’m not actually going to fight him mano a mano.

Lars Galaxy > what a chicken
Kal Ahra > advantage, all relative
Lars Galaxy > seems like i’m the only god damn person dying in this war wtf
Kal Ahra > Keep making yourself a target, that’ll keep happening. Ryoo and Red keep trying to hunt frigates in Harbs. We’ll run from that encounter if we can.
Lars Galaxy > comon show me your best frig
Lars Galaxy > if u got the balls
Kal Ahra > there you go, thinking with your balls again. thats what keeps getting you killed.

*what is it with everyone and balls just latelly??????!!!eleven!!!*

Lars Galaxy > i dont care about being killed, i just want some fun fights
Kal Ahra > what about the rest of your guys?
Lars Galaxy > what about them?
Kal Ahra > well, we havent seen them much. We thought with 30 ish of you, we might see more folks around.
Lars Galaxy > i guess they have more important things to worry about lol
Lars Galaxy > comon out and play
Kal Ahra > taking a mining barge out during a wardec though, that was careless.
Lars Galaxy > close to yalls system anyways yes
Kal Ahra > heh
Lars Galaxy > so u just gonna maake me sit here for 45 minutes? πŸ™
Kal Ahra > I might, at that πŸ™‚
Lars Galaxy > bastard
Kal Ahra > ohhh, harsh
Lars Galaxy > scared of my little rifter?
Lars Galaxy > lol
Lars Galaxy > that’s cute
Kal Ahra > however *little* your rifter is, with you at the wheel, it’ll be bigger than any T1 frigate I bring.
Lars Galaxy > my skills aren’t even that good most of them are in mining
Kal Ahra > yeeeeeeeeeeah, riiiiiight
Lars Galaxy > pvp is more like a hobby
Kal Ahra > EVE is a hobby πŸ™‚
Lars Galaxy > i prefer munching roids
Kal Ahra > well, unless you’re some impoverished isk farmer
Lars Galaxy > or manufacturing stuff
Lars Galaxy > /emote yawns
Lars Galaxy > comon i’ll turn one of my modules offline
Kal Ahra > yeah, those industry screens aren’t terribly exciting
Lars Galaxy > i’ll even let u chose which one πŸ™‚
Kal Ahra > haha
Kal Ahra > You’ll not goad me into this fight
Lars Galaxy > u wanted a war, u got it now fight me
Kal Ahra > If i can find a fit I’m happy with, you’ll see me coming. otherwise, I guess its down to your patience
Lars Galaxy > my ship does have a weakness
Lars Galaxy > if u guess right
Kal Ahra > well, thats usually the way.
Lars Galaxy > kill u later

Well, we’ll see about that.Β  Another good day for the Innsmouth crew.Β  So far!

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Zaine (Jul 06, 2009)

Nice one πŸ˜€

and ‘grats Azul πŸ˜€

lars (Aug 29, 2009)

u guys forgot to post about how we killed seppo’s rigged drake.

Zaine (Aug 29, 2009)

I was waiting to Seppuko to post it actually πŸ˜‰

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