Ha! Payback makes you my bitch!

So, the war goes on, and despite out-numbering us, the Zephyrites hide from us. Until Lars Galaxy logs on, and comes looking for us in a Rupture we’ve run into before. One we suspect is crammed with Tech 2 toys.

Zaine spots him first, in Kaaputanen, from where he jumps to Inaro, where Kal is lurking. He then hops into Waskisen, just as Seppooku does from Ikao. They meet outside HQ, where I am docked.

Seppooku gamely engages, Kal and Zaine are stacked up on the Inaro gate. Lars *must* know this, and see me in local. Still, he engages. WTF? He’s either cocky or stupid. Or made of awesome.

AAAAaaaaAAaaaAAAAaaAAAaaarRrrrRRghHHhhhh! My client chooses this moment to crash!

I get it going again, get back into fleet just as Seppooku’s Kestrel gives it up. Lock on, drones out, warp disruptor on, fire *everything*. He’s going down, but its slow. He has his hands too full with me and Zaine to deal with Seppooku’s pod – handy, as Sepp has apparently decided to sit and watch the show.

Ack. Angst time. He’s switched to me, and though Zaine is mopping up his drones, I’m feeling the pain as he wipes out my shield.

His armour is almost gone though, and its gonna be close. Until the “Great Ugly One* decides to crash the party in his Drake. Lars is already dead, he says, this is just making sure he doesnt take anyone else with him.


Zaine calls out he has the pod scrambled. Lock faster, dammit! My guns fire just in time to claim the pod out from under Zaine!

w00t! Payback for those Ruptures of mine you killed a couple of weeks ago!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! 26 million isk worth of payback! It really was crammed with Tech 2 stuff. And…rigs!

Later, Zaine and Seppooku tracked him back to Barhomab, where there was local chit chat.

Apparently, podding him was a bit unnecessary, and bringing a Drake somehow gives Lars the moral highground. Shame I wasn’t there. I would’ve put his emo ass straight.

So its all fine when his rigged “Tech 2 looks like any other Rupture” murder boat pwns all before him, but he doesn’t like it if people do what it takes to take out what he’s got.

Well, he showed us there’s a difference between winners and whiners, I guess.

Sorry, no chat transcripts, he was too busy getting pwned.

edit: Zaine got one later

EVE System > Channel changed to Bahromab Local Channel
Lars Galaxy > tryin to ambush me?
Zaine Maltis > Repaying the favour!
Lars Galaxy > lol what?
Zaine Maltis > GF earlier.
Lars Galaxy > yeah but pretty sad u had to bring a drake in
Zaine Maltis > It only did 8%. You were already on fire πŸ˜‰
Lars Galaxy > still
Zaine Maltis > It was more a scrum to see who would get the kill mail tbh….
Lars Galaxy > podding me wasn’t really necessary
Lars Galaxy > i didn’t pod your kestrel pilot
Zaine Maltis > I assumed that was because you were busy on the other 2 ships, rather than some misguided sense of honour!
Lars Galaxy > would have only taken a couple seconds to pod him
Zaine Maltis > Yep.
Lars Galaxy > i wont make that mistake again
Zaine Maltis > I’ll bear that in mind…
Seppooku > well, I have an up-to-date clone, podding is just a way of reprocessing implants πŸ™‚
Lars Galaxy > luckily i was in my jump clone
Lars Galaxy > no implants
Lars Galaxy > wtf are you wardecing us for anyways? lol.
Seppooku > anyway, bitching about bringing in a Drake when you had T2 drones all over my ass…
Lars Galaxy > those were warrior I’s buddy
Seppooku > sorry, T2 AND drones..
Lars Galaxy > well yes thats what drone bays are for
Lars Galaxy > would have been stupid of me not to use them
Seppooku > …methinks there’s been some comms regarding frig battles.
Lars Galaxy > yes, tried that yesterday but someone ruined that by bringing out the rupture
Zaine Maltis > That’s because it was pre-comms….
Lars Galaxy > he could see we were both in frigs though
Zaine Maltis > but, exploding larger ships is more fun anyway….
Zaine Maltis > Yes, so therefore he undocked with something which would kill then, Like you normally do in wars.

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Zaine (Jul 04, 2009)

Chat transcript coming soon!

Heraclea (Jul 04, 2009)

He’s complaining about me using a rupture to kill his frigate when he killed me in a frigate using his T2 -packing rupture a few weeks back?

He’s a miserable hypocrit. πŸ™‚

Also, nice work…

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