and in a break from our advertised program..

Zephyr are keeping their heads down, despite them having quite a few people on. When we can find them, they are holed up in stations, not coming out. So, I went on a bit of a wander:

Xilaoq > Zaine Maltis is a pirate and ore thief
Alfred Johansen > awesome
Xilaoq > watch out for him,
Xilaoq > if you are mining
Alfred Johansen > nah not right now
Alfred Johansen > got anything valuable?
Zaine Maltis > ~ 100k of Conc Veld. Not much. Oh, and a killmail which was nice.
Alfred Johansen > ^^
Xilaoq > well, you have a bounty on you πŸ˜‰
Zaine Maltis > Cool!
Alfred Johansen > it’s on now!
Alfred Johansen > and this time
Alfred Johansen > it’s personal
Xilaoq > i coudlnt add… was to high
Alfred Johansen > and so on and so forth
Zaine Maltis > What was that?
Alfred Johansen > ?
Zaine Maltis > Xilaoq rolled back up in an Executioner, and then turned and disappeared!
Alfred Johansen > hehe
Zaine Maltis > Ooh. He’s back
Alfred Johansen > isn’t this 17 system?
Alfred Johansen > .7*
Zaine Maltis > Yeah, he stole from my can so I got kill rights.
Alfred Johansen > πŸ˜€
Xilaoq > stole yours? took my own back πŸ™‚
Zaine Maltis > Yeah πŸ™‚
Xilaoq > just wanted see what you shoot with πŸ™‚
Alfred Johansen > i sense some confusion here ^^

He did come back in his executioner, which bit the dust very shortly afterwards…

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