21 May

Time to fly

It’s been a while since I hopped in a ship and flew. I feel RUSTY. So, I decided to hop in a ship, and lose it. Nothing like getting the old blood flowing like a bit of 1v1 action. So, I flew out from Old Man Star (where I lost a Stabber in an ill advised 1v1 vs a Jaguar after the Assault Frigate buff. Ill advised because I’d never flown a Stabber before and didn’t have a fucking clue) out to Dodixie and fitted something So, I decided on a Jaguar, and pulled a fit which looked interesting from Battleclinic. I didn’t have the cash, skills or tbh the […]

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Latest Kills

  • VictimPilot: Corux Grey
    Ship: Corax (5.66m)
    System: Uusanen (0.4)
    Kill: Alya Mecklin (+16)
  • VictimPilot: Yugo Reventlov
    Ship: Hurricane (50.4m)
    System: Iesa (0.4)
    Kill: Capt Stockhom (+2)
  • VictimPilot: Steel Jaguar
    Ship: Dramiel (13.9m)
    System: Kedama (0.3)
    Kill: Zaine Maltis (+0)
  • VictimPilot: Zaine Maltis
    Ship: Stabber (8.71m)
    System: Old Man Star (0.3)
    Kill: 32NATA (+0)

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